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The Dwyer Ladies.
September 07, 2017
02:09 PM

The Dwyer Ladies.

Ladies (500x375).jpg

Irish Summer Barbecue
01:19 PM

Irish Summer Barbecue

Summer B.jpg

In Kerry, with a Consolante at my elbow and a grandson commis.

La Bouillie Bordelaise
August 08, 2017
01:54 PM

La Bouillie Bordelaise

IMG_0001 (380x500).jpg

L'Operation de la Bouillie Bordelaise Raoul Guiraud 1924

It was lovely to find this original by one of my favourite local artists in Pezenas yesterday.
The title would translate as "making the bordelaise mixture" and shows the artist's father spraying against blight on the family vineyard in Lodeve.
Something which still happens today.

The blues and greens are Guiraud's signature colours.

Lost in Translation One Hundred and Seventeen
July 27, 2017
12:55 PM

Lost in Translation One Hundred and Seventeen

I love the French. We had a lovely family staying- for the second time- last weekend and it was plain that we were all happy with each other. This morning I was notified that they had left a review in Google Rate your Business and here it is.

This is a five star review but my is the wording subtle:

"Accueil très sympa. Chambres spacieuses. Décor "presbytérien". Petit déjeuner maison. "

You could translate this as a rather bald:

"Pleasant welcome, large bedrooms,vicarage furniture, home made breakfast"

but that would be to misrepresent M.'s intention.
He is in fact telling the (French) world that this place is "correct"- high praise in the French lexicon.
An Anglophone person would write this as ;
"Very warm and pleasant hosts, enormous bedrooms,the house is decorated perfectly in period and the delicious breakfast was all sourced and made by the chef/ proprietor"- but the shrewd French reader would see all that in the original.

Personally I am more pleased with the French version.

Le Vieux Puits
July 26, 2017
02:55 PM

Le Vieux Puits


This is an old post-card of Thezan which is new to me.

It shows the Place d'Horloge when it was the centre of the village and I am surprised to see a well by the side of the former Mairie.

  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef