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Revisiting The Kitchen
May 20, 2010
06:30 AM

Revisiting The Kitchen

So many of our friends, when they come to visit, have come into our kitchen (living, dining room) and said that the pictures I have put on the blog do not do it justice.

I think they are probably right, it is a particularly difficult room to photograph and I have tried it with every combination of lights on and off, and from just about every concievable angle, I thought.

This morning I came in from the terrace (where I had been enjoying a sneaky coffee while the house slept) and saw the room in pale morning light with only the light from the fan on the counter so I grabbed the camera for another go.


Interestingly it does give a better impression of Clive's kitchen than most of my other shots.


So I swung around and took the other side as well.

Not definitive but I think I'm getting there.

(The eagle-eyed among you will notice that we have now succumbed and bought a TV. The only thing I can offer in its favour is that because it is black and thin as tissue paper it slips into the background when off and is (I swear) almost never on.)

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