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Eau de Vie de Prunelle
March 08, 2010
03:54 PM

Eau de Vie de Prunelle

Or as we say in Ireland; Sloe Gin.

I forgot to say when talking about Fruit Liqueurs that I have a good pot full of Dwyers Sloe Gin on the go also.

This is macerating gently in a sort of Goldfish bowl which I bought in Habitat some years ago.

Truth of the matter is that although Sloes (Prunelles) are not unknown in the hedgerows in Languedoc they are not the plump specimans fattened by Irish rain which we find in County Waterford.
Also one could be waiting some time for the first frost to sweeten them.

I used to go though so much of the stuff when we had the restaurant that I eventually persuaded a farmers wife with some time on her hands to pick the Sloes and then sell them on to me.

When I did the final clear out of my freezer before letting our house in Waterford I found in the bottom about four kilos of Sloes from the restaurant days which had been forgotton.

Never one to throw out a good thing I packed them in a cool box and brought them to the South of France where they are now pickling themselves gently in alcohol in the goldfish bowl waiting for visitors from Waterford.

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  Martin Dwyer
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